Bali Music & Art Festival

Roosterfish Beach Club with Interstellar Events and Bali Trop are pleased to bring you the very first Bali Music & Arts Festival. By combining the wonderful sounds of locally based musicians playing the very best of reggae, funk, jazz, R&B music along with locally based artists showcasing there talent in crafts, jewelry, fashion and art, and mix that with locally based sponsors such as a wine, beer, a chocolate company, other alcohol vendors, banks, even tobacco.

So join us for a truly memorable day of love, art and music. A day you will always remember at a venue that will always be there to bring you the very best in entertainment, Roosterfish Beach Club.





Bali Music & Art Festival

Wedding Parties

Cherish your big day – no matter how big or small at Roosterfish Beach Club.

We love to celebrate a feeling that beats in unison and it is your emotions that moves us and motivates us to do whatever to make your wedding day simply perfect. We have the ideal setting, with the sea as your witness.